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Cybervision Web LLC was founded in 2005 by Thomas W. Pohl. As the founder of Cybervision Web, I work closely with my clients to give them a fantastic and affordable website that will meet their needs and target their desired demographic. I specialize in catering to small and medium-size businesses, and educate newbies to the Internet to see the value of having a website for their company. I will work with you to develop the best and most affordable web design solution possible for your business. I understand the needs of small businesses because Cybervision Web is one too. Because you will be dealing directly with the owner of the company, you are also guaranteed to get great service!


I believe in creating websites that are aestheically appealing, user-friendly in their functionality, easy to update and maintain, easily expandable, fast downloading, search engine friendly, and viewable by a variety of different browsers and at different screen resolutions. I don't believe that a web design needs to be complex and flashy to be effective. I am not a big believer in Flash, as it has only limited practical applications and many drawbacks (Read my Flash Article for more details). I do not use any templates or even a WYSIWYG editor in creating websites as I believe that every customer has unique needs and requirements and this in turn demands that the site be entirely hand-coded. This also helps to insure that all the above mentioned criteria are successfully met. I also strive to ensure that all of my web designs adhere to and are validated against the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) web design standards