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"DeLonghi Pinguino – Meeting All of Your Portable Cooling Needs"

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Pinguino Portable Air Conditioners

DeLonghi Pinguino professional portable air conditioners are an innovative way to cool residential or commercial work space. No professional installation is required and setup takes only minutes!

Uses For Pinguino Portable Air Conditioners

DeLonghi Pinguino portable air conditioning units provide you or your company with perfectly portable cooling solutions to the varied cooling needs of virtually any site, whether it be a home or an office.

  • Computer rooms and mainframe facilities
  • Offices and conference rooms after hours and on weekends
  • Hospitals, nursing homes and in-home patient care
  • Motels, restaurants and shops
  • Apartments or high-rises which restrict window units
  • Warehouses, laboratories, dark rooms and production areas
  • Coverted or ductless space in residential homes
  • Construction site offices or trailers
  • Home offices, studios or workout rooms
  • Naval vessels, RV's and boats

Features of Pinguino Portable Air Conditioning Units

All DeLongi Pinguino portable air conditioning units have the following features:

  • Unique design requires no condensate tank or pump
  • Steel cabinet
  • 24-hour digital timers
  • 2-speed fans
  • 3 operating modes
  • Ability to duct condenser up to 10 inches

We Can Meet All of Your Portable Cooling Needs

We can provide you with the portable air conditioning solution to meet your needs. Whether you have an emergency cooling need or need a permanent cooling solution. We rent Pinguino portable air conditioners for emergency cooling or temporary cooling needs and sell new Pinguino air conditioners for those who require a permanent cooling solution. Contact us today for service/pricing information or to request a catalog of our products.

For immediate service/pricing call us at 800-458-7329 or email us at

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